Perfect Music for a Perfect Day


Saturday the 11th saw the Scarlet String Duo East Cork way in the sweet church of Ballintotis for Denise and John. We played with the lovely singerLouise Harrison

Processional: Canon, Pachelbel
Lighting of both candles: Lascia Chio Pianga
Psalm: Eagles wings (sung)
Lighting of the Unity Candle: Gabriel’s Oboe, Morricone
Offertory: Ave Maria (sung)
Sign of Peace: Rondeau, Mouret
Communion: Bach Air on a G-string and Perhaps Love (sung)
Signing of the Registry: You raise me up (sung) and The Rose, (sung)
Recessional: Wedding March, Mendelssohn

I was very bold and brought my daughter Rose along as she loves weddings and all things princessy as most 4 year olds do. She was happy to dress the part to be in stylish black with me.

Rose in blackRose in black

We played up in the balcony, which I am told sounds beautiful from below.

As above so below.

on the balconyon the balcony

There is a strong pink and red thing going on in the decor, so might take that into consideration when you choose flowers and dress colour! Again that peachy just oh so subtly peachy gown…

the sheenthe sheen

Denise had the right idea. This works…

the partythe party below

There have been other interesting happenings at the church in the past… have a look!


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