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Sneem Hotel exciting ceremony

Wild day for an end of summer season wedding in Sneem Hotel… there was determination to have the ceremony outside, which was stunning with the views, but after all the chairs were set up they blew over like dominos! The wedding guests came out, out came the bride, and within five minutes the heavens erupted… here are the dramatic photos just before the rain… I knew it was coming, so packing up quietly and got a quick shot! We all raced in, dried off, and the ceremony continued in the Sneem Hotel Foyer! It ended well as the couple were very easy going and guests enjoyed the excitement of it all!

Sneem wedding Sneem

Tower Hotel Waterford

After the cliff house in Ardmore the day before we were in the Ardmore rooms in the Tower Hotel. A bit of a difference! A real town hotel, not as boutique and personal! But the ceremony room was decked out in a crazy blue light, fairy light getup. Not sure how flattering it was, not…Continue Reading

Cliff House Hotel

The Cliff House Hotel is gorgeous. The views are stunning the carpet is a great azure blue and the people who work there are impeccably kind and helpful. The civil ceremonies are held in a beautiful glass walled room overlooking the sea. It was a glorious day and for the drinks reception on the balcony…Continue Reading

Civil ceremony ritual idea

Civil ceremony ritual idea

A lovely idea at a civil ceremony last week. The bride had a bottle of whiskey which was extra sweet, the groom had his which was not sweet at all. They had decorated the bottles beautifully. During the ceremony both bottles were poured together to create the perfect drink which they then drank. Use antique…Continue Reading

Castlemartyr Resort

Castlemartyr Resort

The Scarlet Duo played for a beautiful and simple civil ceremony for Rachel and Austin, followed by drinks in the bar at Castlemartyr Resort. This 5 star Hotel has a beautiful atmosphere and the guests I talked to as we were waiting for the wedding party to return  from group photos, were saying how the…Continue Reading

Dromoland Castle

The Scarlet String Trio played for a civil ceremony for Lily and Devin at Dromoland Castle yesterday. It was a gorgeous day which was just as well, as the ceremony was outside in the archery field. Devin arrived on a white horse, the bridesmaid and grooms arrived in golf buggies and then Lily arrived by horse…Continue Reading

Maryborough House Hotel

Scarlet String Quartet played for a civil ceremony and drinks reception today at the Maryborough House Hotel. We played in the marquee as guests arrived. The weather was unpredictable, but as Julie emerged from the house to walk up through the gathered guests on the grass there was a little sunshine. We stood in a semicircle and…Continue Reading

Clontarf Castle Dublin 3

Today I played solo cello for a civil ceremony and drinks reception in Clontarf Castle. It is a beautiful building Downstairs for the ceremony felt a little dark with the curtains drawn (to hide concrete) and a basement feel. The ceremony was lovely though and everyone was very happy and kind and little girls wanted…Continue Reading