Perfect Music for a Perfect Day

Maryborough House Hotel

Scarlet String Quartet played for a civil ceremony and drinks reception today at the Maryborough House Hotel.
We played in the marquee as guests arrived.

The weather was unpredictable, but as Julie emerged from the house to walk up through the gathered guests on the grass there was a little sunshine. We stood in a semicircle and played Pachelbels Canon, but no sooner had she stepped a few steps up the ‘aisle’ the rain started. As she reached the top we slowly backed away, still playing, to the tent, which gave a natural fade to the music… all very theatrical…

They all stood in the rain and in 5 minutes the ceremony was done and we stood under the entrance of the tent and played Elbow’s ‘One Day Like This’ while all the guests filed back into the Marquee and the married couple went inside to sign in the dry house!

This was the weather of the day!! Very dramatic overall…

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